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Our Process

In a world where everything you knew yesterday has changed today, your pursuit of achieving, growing and protecting your wealth may be challenging. NCB Capital Markets assures you - it is not as difficult as you think.


Know Where You Want to Go

Your journey to wealth begins with knowing where you want to go and establishing the best route to get you there. Building an effective plan ensures that you complete your journey successfully by considering your goals, time frame for achievement and the risk you are willing to take.


Putting it All Together

An NCB Capital Markets Wealth Advisor is that guide which ensures that you have the most accurate, timely market information to chart the right course. This advice reflects an intimate knowledge of financial markets, portfolio management and financial planning, helping you build a portfolio that maximises your returns.


Finding the Right Investments for Your Goals

Short Term (up to 1 year) - Use for emergency funds, school fees, utility expenses, rent.

  • Repurchase Agreements - USD and BBD

    Longer term investments are facilitated via NCB Capital Markets Jamaica where the following investment options are offered.

  • Equities - JSE
  • Global Bonds - JAD, USD and TTD

Through our wealth management process, you and your NCB Capital Markets’ Wealth Advisor will develop a customized financial plan based on your goals and financial situation.

Corporate Solutions

We offer our corporate clients a wealth of products and services to suit their varying financial needs. Our corporate solutions are geared towards meeting our clients’ liquidity, asset management and financing needs.

Investment Banking

Our corporate finance team is made up of experienced and highly trained professionals providing investment banking services for medium to large corporates throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean. We have worked on some of the largest and most complex debt and equity transactions in the Caribbean and have built up considerable expertise in these areas.

Asset Management

NCB Capital Markets is a licensed primary dealer and stock broker. We offer wide range of products and services to help our corporate and institutional investors manage their investment portfolios:

  • Bonds - Global bonds, Government of Barbados Securities, Structured notes
  • Money Market securities - Repurchase agreements
  • Investment Advisory and Asset Management  Services
  • Primary dealer services

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