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Why Should I Sell My Series B Bonds?

Series B bondholders have the option to sell their holdings via the Barbados Stock Exchange platform which will give them access to cash flow to help ease the financial challenges. This cash can be used for a number of important reasons such as; to provide a safety net for your family in light of employment uncertainty, payoff outstanding debts or to retrain and retool to expand your skillset. 

Why Does NCB Capital Markets Barbados Limited Want To Buy These Bonds At This Time?

Barbados is a key market for the NCB Financial Group and we are confident in the resilience of the Barbadian people and economy. We are on a mission to revitalize the secondary bond market locally which have seen little activity over the years. With us entering the market as active buyers of Government securities, investors can now rest assured that a willing counterparty is available to conduct trading activity. 

Who is NCB Capital Markets (Barbados) Ltd?

NCB Capital Markets (Barbados) Limited is a wealth, asset management, and investment banking entity in the NCB Financial Group for the Eastern Caribbean who offers stock brokerage and security, wealth and asset management services.

NCB Financial Group provides a wide array of financial products and services to meet the needs of individual and business clients. The NCB Group includes NCBJ, NCB Capital Markets Limited and its subsidiaries in Barbados and Cayman, NCB Insurance Company Limited, NCB (Cayman) Limited, Clarien Group Limited and its subsidiaries in Bermuda, Guardian Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries as well as NCB Global Finance Limited in Trinidad and Tobago.

I prefer to continue to have my money invested. What reinvestment options can NCB Capital Markets (Barbados) Ltd offer?

In the event that you do not wish to take the cash upfront, a portion or all funds can be invested in repurchase agreements at NCB Capital Markets (Barbados) Ltd at attractive interest rates.

What is a repurchase agreement (repo)?

A repurchase agreement (repo) is an agreement with a commitment by the seller to buy a security back from the purchaser (customer) at a specified price at a designated future date. Repos are typically short-term investments thereby offering flexibility. These instruments are secure and allow investors to generate monthly income.

Why is this a better option than simply holding the bonds to maturity?

Series B offered maturities up to 15 years while the repurchase agreement is a short term investment. This will afford you flexibility and significantly reduce risk.

How do your investment products differ from others in the market?

Our attractive interest rates are fixed and guaranteed until maturity so there is no risk of losing your investment.

How am I sure that my money would be secure?

There is a 5% buffer on all investments at NCB to provide for unforeseen eventualities. Thus, for every $100 worth of an investment, you gain $105 of an asset. This provides additional safety on your investment. Additionally, NCB Capital Markets (Barbados) Ltd and its parent company, boasts robust balance sheets.

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