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When it comes to building wealth, you need the right people in your corner. Look no further than our team of expert Wealth Advisors at NCB Capital Markets Ltd., who stand ready to guide and accompany you on your

Mrs. Simona Watkis
Chief Executive Officer

Simona is a multifaceted leader who has brought an extraordinary level of dynamic energy to her role and the organization. She is a pioneer for innovative growth and upon her appointment as CEO, she has used her strong self-motivated spirit to revitalize the performance of the company’s wealth management, asset management, and investment banking business lines.

She has enthusiastically embraced the task of accelerating regional expansion and fostering the development of the secondary market to provide investors in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean with greater investment opportunities particularly through fixed-income investments and structured finance.

Mr. Ricardo Davis
Manager – Wealth Management & Syndication

A man of many talents, he has brought with him an acute aptitude for problem-solving which serves him well in his role as Manager of Wealth, Syndication and Trader. His competencies and proficiency as a finance professional are a result of his considerable experience in the money markets, inclusive of Bond and Equity trading. Ricardo’s ambitious nature compliments the company’s goal to attain financial success through the innovative provision of wealth management services.

Mr. Christopher Buchanan
Manager, Origination and Structuring

Hailing from Jamaica, Christopher has a wealth of knowledge and experience at his disposal based on his prior roles, which include Corporate Wealth Advisor with the Corporate Sales Team and Corporate Relationship Manager at the JMMB Group. Christopher’s radical ideas and progressive methodologies ensure that he is considered the best fit for his role within the NCBCMBL team.

Ms. Kimberley Brathwaite
Finance Manager

Kimberley’s work experience coupled with her organizational skills, determination and attention to detail make her the perfect candidate to oversee the financial health of the organization. It is clear, that as Finance Manager, Kimberley is driven to use her capacity for managing the financial reporting function, internal budgeting process and the financial strategy to manoeuvre NCBCMBL through challenging economic issues and towards overall cost efficiency and profit maximization.

Ms. Kerrie-Ann Greaves
Portfolio Officer & Trader

Kerrie-Ann is an accomplished finance professional with significant work experience within the industry in excess of years. At her core, she is a focused, quick-witted and knowledgeable individual who has devoted much of her time at NCBCMBL to being the go-to person. Her dedicated and determined nature as well as the host of work experience, she has attained within the finance industry proves her untiring commitment to the portfolio and asset management function whilst keeping abreast with the developments in the bond and money markets.

MRs. Lisa Noel
Administrative Officer

Lisa has been a very active member of the business world, with over eight years of experience in the provision of high-quality management accounting and financial reporting support services. Utilizing her expertise in the financial and accounting industry, Lisa
is well equipped with all the tools necessary to meet aggressive deadlines and to ensure that adherence to compliance and regulatory bodies whilst minimising business risk.

Ms. Akeila Greenidge
Wealth Advisor

Akeila is an adaptable, deadline-oriented finance professional with extensive experience in various aspects of the finance world. Her invaluable experience has given her the opportunity to cultivate and nourish her quantitative, analytical, communication and customer service skills. She is keen to utilize the resources and capabilities at her disposal to promote and sustain growth in the local market and initiate regional expansion.

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